Vi är Miljösamordnare som designar miljömässigt hållbara byggnader

Energy- and environmental assessment

We help construction companies, architects, property developers and consultants with energy and environmental coordination of building projects. Our most common assignment is coordination of environmental construction certification including all calculations and analyses. We also carry out energy balance, climate calculation and daylight calculations in both early and late stages. How can we help you?

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We offer complete energy and environmental coordination in all phases of a construction project. With us, you can be sure that we ensure requirements from the first sketch to follow-up, declaration and verification.

We help with environmental coordination for most of the market's certification systems for buildings. 

Vi har lång erfarenhet av dagsljusfaktorberäkningar för alla typer av byggnadsprojekt.

We have extensive experience in energy calculations, verification and advice.

We offer calculations and reports for climate calculation according to regulations and certifications.

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